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      Company Name: Jiangxi Naujame Industrial Co.,Ltd
      Address: Chating Industrial Park,Shangrao County,Shangrao,Jiangxi,China
      Contact: Genie Yao
      E-mail: Genie.Yao@liangjian-food.com
      Tel: 86-20-62802758


      Research and Markets: Global Market Report of Neotame

       DUBLIN--(BUSINESSWIRE)--Researchand Markets has announced the addition of the "Global Market Report of Neotame" report to their offering.
      Global Market Report of Neotame (CAS 165450-17-9) aims at providing comprehensive data on Neotame globally and regionally (Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America etc.). It captures Neotame market trends, pays close attention to Neotame
      This report focuses on three primary areas; manufacture methods & technology development, market situation & trend analysis, and distribution policy.
      The first section centres on manufacture methods & technology development and the main manufacture methods of are introduced. The detailed production techniques section covers technical principle, technical flow, technical process, facilities, post allocation, cost estimation, environmental protection, technical features, product quality standards and project feasibility study conclusions.
      The second section focuses on the market situation & trend analysis. It looks at application and end products, the production situation, manufacturers & capacity statistics, market supply status & trend forecast, production statistics & trend analysis, downstream consumer market analysis, supply & demand analysis, price analysis, and import & export situation for the chemical in question.
      The final section looks at the distribution policy; it looks at the major use segments, the consumers and the traders for the chemical in question.
      Key Topics Covered:
      Part 1: Introduction of Neotame
      Part 2: Manufacture Methods and Technology Development of Neotame
      Part 3: Application of Neotame
      Part 4: Production Situation of Neotame
      Part 5: Market Situation of Neotame
      Part 6: Distribution Policy of Neotame
      Part 7: Reference
      For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/npqvrr/global_market

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