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      Company Name: Jiangxi Naujame Industrial Co.,Ltd
      Address: Chating Industrial Park,Shangrao County,Shangrao,Jiangxi,China
      Contact: Genie Yao
      E-mail: Genie.Yao@liangjian-food.com
      Tel: 86-20-62802758

      Location:Hone>>Complaints Suggestions

      The scope of
      All kinds of complaints about the company's products quality, market, technical service and cargo transportation are related to the company's business.
      Complaint handling
      The customer complaint will be transferred directly to the email of the chairman and general manager of the company, and the final solution can be implemented after the general manager's approval. On the day of receiving the customer's complaint, we will fill in the complaint handling form and communicate the main contents and problems of the complaint. Within one week of receiving the complaint, the relevant personnel and departments shall communicate with the customers, propose solutions, and implement the solution on the basis of mutual recognition. After the settlement of the complaint, the customer service staff will conduct regular follow-up visits to avoid the recurrence of similar complaints, and the customer will evaluate the content of the reply.